Leader? Me? A Leader? Yes!

One of our early goals in the Just Futures Project will be to recruit a critical mass of strong leaders  – those dedicated to re-energizing our movement here in Washington.  You may be sitting there wondering, Could I be a leader in our movement?

LEADERSHIP “The ability to inspire and align others to achieve common goals.”

No matter what your job title is, anyone can be a leader.

Our movement values shared leadership.

Leadership is a skill like any other – you can practice and develop it.

Feeling courageous?  Give it a try!

From the Rockwood Institute – 6 core practices of great leaders:

  • Purpose – To live and lead from that which gives our life meaning.
  • Vision – To create and articulate a clear and compelling picture of our desired future.
  • Partnership – To build strong interdependent relationships that advance our vision.
  • Resilience – To shift from reactivity to a state of resourcefulness in moments of stress and crisis.
  • Performance – To enhance our capacity to produce results that further our vision.
  • Personal Ecology – To maintain balance, pacing, efficiency to sustain our energy over a lifetime of activism.

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